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NeoReader QR is a simple and fast QR reader that lets you read QR codes in any of the following formats: 1D, Datamatrix, QR, Aztec, and PDF417; and also barcodes in formats like UPC/EAN, Code 128, and Code 39. You just have to place your device's camera close to the code, and in a few seconds you can see the result on the screen.

NeoReader QR automatically detects the type of code you're trying to identify. You don't need to align the code within the screen's frame, you just need to be at a moderate distance from it and you'll be able to scan it with no trouble. You can also deactivate the reading of any particular type of code.

Once you've read the code you want, you can share it through any app you have installed on your device: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. You'll also see a complete history of all the codes you've scanned in the past.

NeoReader QR is a QR-reading app that's as powerful as it is simple, letting you scan practically any type of code from your Android device.
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